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About Us

From the beginning, the John Marshall Family has striven to keep their music pure and conservative.

The Lord made it very plain to John Marshall that He wanted the family to step out in faith and begin traveling full-time. This journey began in the fall of 1976 and they will be celebrating 30 years of ministry in September. Prior to this time, Brother Marshall had pastored in several states (Missouri, West Virginia, and New York) and had begun training the children for music in the house of the Lord.

In September of 1976 they left their home on Long Island, New York, with only two meetings lined up. God proved Himself to be more than sufficient to meet every need and kept them busy serving Him. He opened doors for them to minister in every state of the Union and several countries around the world.

At the onset of full-time ministry, the family numbered 6 daughters. The first core group that sang consisted of Dad, Mom, and the three oldest girls. Over the years, the Lord added 2 sons and 2 more daughters. Each one was taught to play at least two instruments (guitar, piano, banjo, violin, mandolin, trumpet, baritone, harp, harmonica, and dobro) and to use their voice for the glory of God.

As the years have passed, the five oldest daughters and the two sons have married and gone on to serve the Lord in different parts of the world. You can read about their families at the extended family update page. The three remaining daughters are pursuing further education and ministries. Dad & Mom are now empty-nesters and you can read more about them here: Dad & Mom. Although they are now traveling only part-time, Dad & Mom continue to bring a ministry of preaching and music to churches wherever the Lord leads them.

For the past eleven years, the family has made Tunnelton, West Virginia, their home base. A new venture in faith for Brother Marshall has been the completion of a log home, which is in the finishing process. They still travel and enjoy ministering as the Lord opens doors. When they are home they attend their home church, Independent Baptist Church in Kingwood, pastored by Terry Cumberland.

The thrust of the CD/DVD ministry is to provide a variety of Godly music with a Scriptural message. The John Marshall Family believes that if music is to be different from the world, the musician’s goal must be to glorify and honor Christ and Him alone. Only then will the world hear and see what they are thirsty for — not an imitation of what they already have — but a reflection of God’s light in a separated Christian life.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Old and New Testaments;
God in three Persons — Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
The new birth of Christ alone;
Baptism by immersion for believers only;
The eternal security of the believer,
The Lord’s Supper as a memorial;
Six creation days of twenty-four hours each;
The bodily resurrection of Christ and His bodily ascension into heaven where He now intercedes for believers;
The pretribulation rapture of all believers;
The premillennial return and millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ;
The judgment;
The reality of heaven and hell;
The local church as God’s institution to carry out the Great Commission;
The obligation of every believer to live a holy life and witness to the lost of the saving power of Christ.

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