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CD Collection Volume 2

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This CD collection is a compilation from the recordings The Glory of Children (1990) and Sacrifice of Love (1994).  Included are two songs that are appropriate for Father’s Day (“The Glory of Children”) or Mother’s Day (“My Mother’s Prayers”), written by our oldest sister, Julia Montoro.  Deborah Wells, our fourth sister, also debuted her first two songs, “Rejoice, My Soul” and “He Made It Again.”

Track Title
1 The Glory Of Children
2 Under The Blood
3 The Old Account Settled
4 Rejoice, My Soul
5 Sing Unto The Lorde
6 He Made It Again
7 My Mother's Prayers
8 What A Lovely Name
9 Stand Up For Jesus
10 Grace Is Like A Shepherd
11 I'm Longing To Go
12 Hallelujah For The Blood
13 All I Need
14 Sacrifice Of Love
15 Isn't The Love Of Jesus Something Wonderful
16 Stand Up (Medley)
17 Like A River Glorious
18 He Set Me Free
19 This Could Be The Day
20 Secret Place
21 The Final Triumph
22 Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
CD Collection Volume 2 - Marshall Music