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Just For A Moment

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This CD is the first for the Beauty Shop Quartet to record all by themselves. (If you are wondering who they are, you don't have to look far...it's the last of the Mohicans.) They always say This is the last one! and then promptly record another. The title song was written by Julia Montoro and as you listen may you be reminded to serve faithfully, because this life is only Just for a Moment. Available on CD.

Track Title
1 His Way With Thee
2 Under The Blood
3 She Hath Done What She Could
4 Won't It Be Wonderful There
5 I Gave My Life For Thee
6 As Long As I Have Jesus
7 My Old Bible
8 Count Your Blessings
9 Gentle Shepherd
10 Precious Promise
11 My Joy, My Crown
12 Just For A Moment
Just For A Moment - Marshall Music