The Well-Balanced Christian Woman - Marshall Music

The Well-Balanced Christian Woman

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  • CD 1 - As is the Mother, so is the Daughter
  • CD 2 - Titus 2:4,5, part 1
  • CD 3 - Titus 2:4,5, part 2 
  • CD 4 - Children's Songs sung by Lee Marshall
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It was in the fall of 1976, while pastoring in New York, that John Marshall felt the definite call of God to take his wife and family of six children into full-time evangelism. Seemingly foolish to many, God proved it was the right thing to do as He has been faithful to provide and sustain for many years.
As the family grew to 12 members, the ministry did also, taking them into 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. The ministry varies from preaching (the most important) to music, soul-winning, dramatizations, children's programs, youth programs, and more.
The desire of the John Marshall family is to see souls saved and dedicated to the principles of the Word of God. They are concerned with repairing the damaged building blocks of our churches: the families.
To this end, Lee Marshall offers the insights she has learned while being a pastor's wife, raising 10 children, and serving God throughout North America.