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From the early days of planning to our practice sessions to the hours spent in the studio, the six youngest siblings saw God’s blessing displayed again and again in unbelievable ways. Some of the most requested songs ever written by our oldest sister, Julia Montoro, are featured on this 1998 recording and include: “Watchman,” “Break Up My Fallow Ground, “A Crown to Cast, and “I Will Give My Life.”

Track Title
1 Crimson River
2 A Crown To Cast At His Feet
3 I Will Not Forget Thee
4 Come Away With Me
5 Still Sweeter Every Day
6 Break Up My Fallow Ground
7 I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap
8 He Lives On High
9 He Included Me
10 I Will Give My Life
11 Watchman
12 All Your Anxiety