Extended Family

For those of you who would like to know what is happening in the lives of our extended family, this is for you:


 Pete & Julia Montoro
Pete & Julia (our oldest daughter) live in Astoria, Queens, New York, where Pete is the pastor of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church. The church has been in existence for sixteen years. They meet in a "converted" Jewish synagogue which the church purchased eleven years ago. God has continued to bless them as they have reached out to the community. The church averages around 80. They have a Spanish-speaking church meeting in the basement of the church, and a Portugese Bible study meeting elsewhere in the church. Pete & Julia have twelve children - Peter, Sarah, Andrew, Rachel, Hannah, Stephen, Deborah, Ruthann, Phillip, Esther, Joseph and Jason.  Their three eldest are attending Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK. Please pray for the Montoros as they endeavor to get the Gospel to the people of New York City. ------
 Bob & Becky Mach
Bob & Becky (our second daughter) are missionaries to the field of Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. They have been on the field for a total of almost eight years. After working with Tom and Melissa Vineyard in Abidjan for several years, they planted the Fundamental Baptist Church in Bingerville in 2001. The church is now averaging 175 in Sunday School. They have a brand new church building on property they own in the heart of the city. They have a clinic on the property, as well, to meet the needs of the people, both physically and spiritually. Their Bible Institute is going full swing. After returning to the field in April of 2006, they moved back and forth from Cote d'Ivoire to Ghana. Things have settled down for now and they are back home. In their present term they hope to start an activity center for high school students who come from the villages to attend the schools in town. They are planning for a Christian school, as well. The Machs have four children - Bobby, Marylyn, Morganne, and Lucien. ------
 Dan & Jennifer Martin
 Dan & Jennifer (our third daughter) are ministering in the town of Dalhart, Texas, where Dan pastors the Liberty Baptist Church. They moved to Dalhart in December of 2003. The work is going well and they are seeing much growth. They are in the process of getting a building program started which will give them an activity building as well as space for other ministries. Jennifer is greatly involved in the music ministry of the church. Dan & Jennifer have three daughters - Ashley, Melissa, and Heather. ------
 Brad & Deborah Wells


After nearly 17 years of ministry in Papua New Guinea, God called us to Washington, DC.  We arrived on July 14, 2014 with nine suitcases, two guitars, and a computer. Our lives have been one miracle after another for the past nearly two years. God allowed us to start the GraceWay Baptist Church of Capitol Hill in January of 2015. We meet in a community arts center nine blocks from the Capitol. We are currently ministering to Marines, residents, staff, and interns. The Lord continues to open doors giving us favor and influence in amazing, God-appointed ways.
Our children are growing up. Marshall is now attending Bible school in Boise, Idaho as well as working as a graphic design intern with Smart Story, Inc. The six at home had the opportunity to play organized sports for the first time with a local Christian school this year. They enjoyed the experience immensely.  Our girls are babysitting for a Congresswoman and working as interns. Just think—from trekking through the jungles in the South Pacific to giving tours of the Capitol! What an amazing thrill this life of following God is!
Funny story: on her first tour, our daughter, Johanna, could not remember the English word for “bury”. She said the Pidgin equivalent, “Congress wanted to “plant” George Washington here, but he wanted to be “planted” at his home in Mt. Vernon.”

Brad & Deborah (our fourth daughter)

They have seven children - Marshall, Emily, Torrey, Johannah, Charity, Amy, and Jennifer. -----

 Ted & Sharon Monsour
 Ted & Sharon (our fifth daughter) were married on December 18, 2004, at the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Astoria, Queens.  Ted graduated in 2007 from the Bible Institute at Open Door.  They are preparing themselves and seeking the Lord for direction as to their future ministry. Ted is working full-time now as an Executive Assistant at a company in Durango, CO.  They attend Frontier Baptist Church and are serving in various ministries there.  The Monsours have three children: Teddy, Emeline and Veronica. Their fourth child is due in November. -----
 Jon & Jessica Marshall
Jon (our oldest son & seventh child) & Jessica are residing in Toledo, Ohio. Jonathan works full-time on staff at the Hope Baptist Church, where Jessica's father is the pastor. Jonathan heads up the College & Career group called "Single Focus" as well as other duties at the church. Jon & Jessica have five children: Johnny, Nate, Ben, Leanne, and Adrianna. ----
Matt & Julie Marshall
Matt & Julie Matt (our second son & ninth child) & Julie live in Chicagoland, where Matt is the youth pastor at the Bible Baptist Church in Mt. Prospect. Both Matt & Julie keep very busy with church activities and are deeply involved in the music at the church. They enjoy their very busy life in the heart of Chicago. Matt & Julie have three boys--Timothy, Zachary and Caden.