One More Mile: 05 Crossing the Rugged Plain - Marshall Music

One More Mile: 05 Crossing the Rugged Plain

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Vocals: Joanna Marshall, Jessica Marshall, Monica Marshall, Berean Baptist Youth
Piano: Jessica Marshall

Recorded: 2005

I feel Your hand pulling me away
I hear Your voice whispering the way
"Leave the noise of all that's vain
Meet with me on a higher plain"

Chorus One

I want to talk with you
I want to let you know Me more
I want to show to you more power than before
Though the journey may be long
And you feel you can't go on
You'll find that there on the plain I'll make you strong

I walk alone across the rugged plain
And there You stand and You're calling out my name
Your glory is all around
I know I've reached the higher ground

Chorus Two

And then you talk to me
And You let me know You more
And then You show to me more power than before
Yes, the journey had been long
And when I felt I'd not go on
I found that there on the plain you made me strong


Yes, your journey might be long
And you'll feel you can't go on
But you'll find on that higher plain He'll make you strong