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One More Mile: 07 Claim The Name

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Vocals: Joanna Marshall, Jessica Marshall, Monica Marshall, Berean Baptist Youth
Soloist: Monica Marshall
Piano: Sharon Monsour

Recorded: 2002

There's a cloud of many witnesses
With Christ in Heav'n above
Watching as we run this race
They cheer us on in love
There are faces we have seen before
And more we've never known
They fought the battles, took their stand
We reap what they have sown


So, I'm not ashamed to claim the name of Jesus
I am not ashamed to tell the world He's mine
Gladly I'll proclaim this Gospel to all people
I am not ashamed, I will claim His name

Now I take my stand in Jesus
And serve the Lord today
I give my strength and purpose
I sing and work and pray
And though all the world may mock me or walk uncaring by
I'll stay with Christ my Saviour
His name I'll not deny


I am not ashamed, I am not ashamed
I will claim His name