One More Mile: 09 To Count the Cost - Marshall Music

One More Mile: 09 To Count the Cost

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Vocals: Jessica Marshall, Matthew Marshall, Monica Marshall, Joanna Marshall (with choir), Berean Baptist Youth
Piano: Sharon Monsour

Recorded: 1997

Is my life more dear to me
Than what He would have me be?
Would I gladly lay aside each dream I hold?
Could I count my gain as loss
And take up my given cross?
Am I willing to be spent for Christ my Lord?


Count the cost of one soul lost
Without hope and without God
Death forever in a lake of flaming fire
What's the worth of this whole world
When compared to one lost soul?
There's a reason to count the cost

It may cost me suffering
In the service of my King
It may be a lonely path I have to trod
But to deeply know my Lord
Will be my great reward
I will gladly give my all
I've counted the cost


There's a reason (there's a reason)
To count (count) the (the) cost