One More Mile: 11 Just for the Journey - Marshall Music

One More Mile: 11 Just for the Journey

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Vocals: John Marshall, Jonathan Marshall, Matthew Marshall
Soloists: John Marshall, Jonathan Marshall
Guitar: Jessica Marshall
Banjo: Matthew Marshall

Recorded: 2001

It's a journey for the just, every step we take by faith
And the God in whom we trust freely paves the way with grace
Even if there were no prize and it ended with the grave
Just for the journey we'd take it anyway


Just for the journey, we lay each weight aside
And just for the journey, we bear the cross of Christ
There is a crown laid up for us, so we will suffer if we must
Just for the journey in this journey for the just

It's a journey for the just, so walk worthy of the Lord
Fleeing also youthful lusts, which would war against the soul
A good soldier of the cross will not entangled be
But just for the journey presses onward faithfully