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One More Mile: 15 One More Mile

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Vocals: Joanna Marshall, Jessica Marshall, Monica Marshall, Jonathan Marshall, Matthew Marshall, Berean Baptist Youth
Piano: Jessica Marshall

Recorded: 2006

Everybody's running a race
And everybody's nearing the finish line
But not everyone is getting a prize
Everybody's wanting to win
And some are even hoping to gain a crown
But not many will pay the price


So Run...
Endure the pain, though you despise the shame
Focus on the goal...
Strive for the prize, though it is high
Give your heart and soul
So run, one more mile

Remember you are running a race
Remember you are nearing the finish line
Are you running to win a prize?
When there is a burden to bear
And when the Lord would need you for a little while
Are you ready for the second mile?


So run...
One more mile...
So run...
One more mile...
One more mile...