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Grandchild #38

For those of you who are keeping track, we have just welcomed grandchild #38 into the family.  Jesse Mitchell Monsour was born on November 7, 2010 at 9:38pm.  He was 8 lbs and 2 ozs and 20.5 inches long.  He has dark hair and what looks to be blue eyes at present.  His siblings are excited about another brother, but none more than Teddy who finally has a little brother to play with.  Jesse & Mommy are doing well and were blessed to have Grandma Marshall visit after the birth.  She was a tremendous help. Right now the count is 18 grandsons...

The World's Shortest Reunion (for some of us)

Several of the Marshalls came together for the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship meeting held at the Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Pete and Julia Montoro & family, Becky Mach & family (Bob was unable to attend, due to a prior commitment), Joanna Marshall, Jonathan & Jessica Marshall & family, and Matthew Marshall & family. You can see some of the photos taken here. There is never a lot of time to catch up on all that has happened since your last visit, but we enjoyed seeing all of the kids, especially the brand new ones - like Caden...

Cleveland, OH

**September 20-22, 2010** Cleveland Baptist Church Cleveland, OH Music by Julia Montoro, Becky Mach, Joanna Marshall, Jonathan Marshall and Matthew Marshall

New Management?

You may be wondering about our new management announcement and what that entails. In no ways will it be a change of direction from the fundamentals we have adhered to for the past 34 years. Be looking for an update in our forthcoming newsletter. If you haven't signed up to receive updates, please join our mailing list.

Midwestern Tour, Part II

Sunday AM, May 23:  Arrived in Manhattan....Kansas, that is.  We ate at an Italian type buffet with Pastor Steve Henderson, his family, and another couple from the church.  Sunday morning was busy and full, but we felt that the Lord used the music today.  Sunday PM, May 23:  It was a bit of a drive this afternoon to get to the Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS.  Folks here were real kind and we tried to rest a bit before the service tonight.  We did quite a bit of singing during the service, and then sang during the ice cream...