A Mini Reunion

It was only supposed to be some friends getting married, but it ended up turning into a regular little Reunion. Charlie Barkowski, an old family friend of the Marshalls, was marrying Monica's friend, Rachel Walker. The wedding was set for Saturday, April 1, in Toledo, Ohio, at the Hope Baptist Church. The Marshalls had planned to attend as Rachel had asked Monica to play her harp for several songs. "The wedding was held at the church where my brother, Jonathan is on staff", Jessica told us. "And Matthew, my younger brother, was going to be a groomsman." When Sharon, her older sister, found out about it, she wanted to attend with her husband, Ted Monsour, and their seven-month-old baby boy, Teddy. "So she flew into Chicago and then drove over with my brother, Matthew, and his wife, Julie. And there you go. A mini-reunion", laughs Jessica. Monica was asked to play several songs but felt uncomfortable with one of them, so she asked the rest of the girls to play with her. "We used to play the song together, anyways. I just wasn't up to going it alone", she said, lining up the sheets of music on her stand. "What else are sisters for, but to help you out in a pinch?" In fact, the song had been arranged for another wedding of a family friend. The song, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul", was recorded by the Beauty Shop Quartet and is on their latest release, "I'd Do It All Again". Orders can be placed at their music page. "Anytime we are even remotely near each other, it's 'Reunion Time'", Joanna says. "This time, we were just blessed to be able to see three other family members...though not "planned", we were thankful that the Lord allowed us this special time."