A Busy Spring

This past month was quite hectic for the Marshall Family. Their home church, Independent Baptist Church, held Revival services April 9-14. The family enjoyed being a part of the Revival with Evangelist Mike Pelletier and Family. Greg & Heather Murray travel with the Pelletiers and help with the music. "It was nice to watch someone else get up and do all the 'work' ", said Jessica. "I know the pressure of having to provide special music for special services, and so I was glad to take a break that week. Plus it was nice to be at our home church for a short time." Their home church will be starting a choir in the near future, and Bro. Greg Murray helped to lay the groundwork for this new ministry. The church saw at least five souls saved during the week and many new visitors in attendance. "It was nice to be here and be a part of the choir. That is something I've always wanted to be a part of", Monica said, adding, "Joanna would have loved to be here." Joanna was away helping Bob & Becky Mach prepare to return to the field of Ghana, West Africa. They plan to fly out of Cleveland April 27, then fly out of New York City May 4. The family had a visitor that week from Rockford, Illinois. Sarah Wood, a long-time friend of the Marshalls, came to spend her Spring break with the family. "She has been here to visit before, but there have been a lot of improvements on the house since then", Monica told us. "The last time she was here we were sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the 'girls room' in the basement apartment. That room is now Dad and Mom's room." Another family, the Wests, visited during the month of April, as well. They are missionaries to Canada and were traveling through the area on furlough. "We've definitely had wonderful people coming through our area", Bro. Marshall commented. "We try to repay back a little of what folks have done for our family over the years." The family has kept up their busy schedule it seems--even though were at home for three weeks.