Missionary Packing School

The Marshalls just returned from the "Missionary Packing School 2006". Below are some helpful hints they learned during their week of intense training: If you've never attended "Missionary Packing School", you need to find the nearest missionary headed to the field and offer your services. You'll be amazed at what you learn about the mission field, as well as how to prepare for the great adventure of missionary life. Whether you plan to become a missionary yourself, or simply want to see what is involved, this school offers all the help you will ever need to see yourself safely on the field with every possible bag in tow. We recommend the "Missionary Packing School", as packing is truly one of the great challenges to face in becoming a missionary, and the sooner you learn, the faster you can get to your respective field. 1.You begin by piling everything into one room: all the clothes, books, tools, toys, shoes, school, and anything else you can think of that you could use or will need during your term. Try to keep these things separated into piles, if possible. (I repeat, if possible.) 2. Buy some sturdy trunks, duffel bags, or several suitcases. You can find the trunks at K-mart for $25-$30, and as you know, duffel bags and suitcases abound anywhere you look: Wal-mart, K-mart, Goodwill, etc. 3. Gather some snacks. Coke or other caffeinated beverages will do. Stock up on candy bars and other sugary products. 4. Try not to nap during the day. Make sure you run around like a chicken with your head chopped off all day, or you will not enjoy your packing experience all that much. 5. Begin sorting items at 10 pm. You must continue sorting and packing until 2 or 3 am. This is crucial.You must keep up the pace, not matter how tired your body may feel. Stop for a sugary snack every so often. 6. Once you think you have everything you need in each trunk, duffel bag, or suitcase, now comes the most exciting part. Find a scale (any scale will do) and begin weighing each piece of luggage. The weight of each piece must not exceed 50 lbs. Try weighing it setting up straight on the scale. Adjust weight as necessary by pulling out unnecessary items. If you must, turn the trunk or other item on its end on the scale. If this doesn't work, place the trunk sideways. 7. Continue weighing until the next day, if need be. Take a short "sleep", then begin again the following day. 8. Just before you close each trunk/duffel bag/suitcase, pull out the equivalent of a pound so as to make sure you meet the standard weight requirements. You may now tape the latches and print your shipping address on a paper to tape on the outside of all luggage. If you can meet all of these restrictions and still have all your hair and your brains left, you are ready for the mission field. Nothing can stop you now!

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