Summer Services

Our recent journeys have taken us to Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, and our own grand state of West Virginia. The Lord has been so good to us–He has provided our needs, protected our travels, and empowered our service to Him. We were privileged to be in the Troy Baptist Church in Troy, Ohio, with Pastor James Beatty. The church celebrated Memorial Day in high style with a Saturday evening service with two preachers and plenty of music, a Graduation service Sunday afternoon along with the regular Sunday services, and a morning service and picnic on Monday. We tried to stop at Cabela’s on the return home, only to find that it was closed for the day. Oh, well....better luck next time! Our first Sunday in June was in Ellerslie, Maryland, at the Calvary Bible Church. Pastor John Clink and his church family treated us graciously, allowing us to stay in their beautiful prophet’s chamber. We had a Saturday evening music service with them, with an old-fashion ice cream social following. (Saturday evening services are becoming quite popular for us this year.) On Sunday we sang and preached. The church had a delicious potluck meal and then an afternoon service topped off the day. Pastor Bill Foster from King James Bible Church in Terra Alta, West Virginia, invited us for the second Sunday in June. We are always encouraged by coming to minister to the dear folks in his church. They spoil us and willingly listen to our old songs over and over. We do try out our “new” songs on them as well–they very kindly close their ears to our mistakes! Father’s Day found us in Mesick, Michigan. We’ve been with Pastor Ben Townsend in several meetings, and we finally made it up to his church this year. We spent several days with the Bible Believers Baptist Church and were truly blessed by the folks who are faithfully serving there. We had wonderful services and a meal with the church family on Sunday. In the evening Dad and Mom spoke in split sessions with the men and women. On Monday we had a music service, and Bro. Townsend had us dissect one of our songs and explain our arranging process. How do you explain something you don’t even know about yourself? It made for an interesting time, for sure. Tuesday was an all-day church picnic in the town of Frankfort. Most of us now have nice burnt tomato complexions. It’s all the rage! On Wednesday and Thursday of the same week, we were with Pastor Tim Ammon and the Hope Baptist Church in Romulus, Michigan. They were starting a revival meeting and the Lord began working during those first two services. There was a threat of tornado activity, but though we could see wind blowing trees furiously and hear the rain roaring down, we continued on with the services and there were testimonies that God had touched hearts. On our way south on Friday, we stopped at the Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio. Pastor Rick Sowell asked us to sing a few songs. We agreed to do so, but we really just wanted to get in on the last of their church’s annual Bible Conference. The preaching was powerful. The added bonus was getting to see our son and brother, Jonathan, his wife, Jessica, and their growing family of five. We picked up their three boys–Johnny, Nate, and Ben– for their visit to “Camp Grandma”. Our last stop on the way home was the Open Door Baptist Church in North Canton, Ohio. We have been with Pastor Bob Butterfield and his people at two other locations. Now they have their own brand new building on a prime piece of property. The church is growing, and they were receptive to the ministry. We sang and preached all day. It is wonderful to be used of the Lord, no matter where we are. Without you we would not be able to minister to a single soul. Please keep us in your prayers daily!