Cabin Check

Thank the Lord for answered prayers and willing workers! For a while now we have been praying for more help on the cabin. Dad has worked hard, but he can only do so much. With our schedule as it was, we were in and out a lot and were not able to accomplish very much. Our answer to prayer came through a young man from Vermont. Brian Moore has been developing his talent of fine finish work from the time he was eleven years old. It just so happened that he was available to come and use some of that talent on our log home. In the end, he stayed three weeks. Much was accomplished. The railing for the stairway on the main floor was completed, more sanding and varnishing was done on the ceiling and the walls of the Great Room, besides drywall and paint that were added to the list. We will never be able to repay him for all his hard work, but we continue to be grateful for his willingness to come and spend so much time with such a crazy family as ours! There is even talk that he may return to help with our kitchen cabinets in the main kitchen upstairs. Pastor Billy Foster came this past month to help with the electric as he has been known to do every now and then. He brought a man from his church who helped with the railing. We are so thankful for anyone who will come and spend hours working as they did. For a while now we have been needing a ditch dug for our electric line. (Up to this point, we have been running on temporary electric.) Dad saw a man at the hardware store with a trackhoe and asked him about coming to get the job done for us. That he did–and spent a good many hours out with his machinery. By the end of the day he had the ditch finished and had also moved our water hook-up and sewer line, making it much easier to turn around in the driveway. It is exciting to see more and more progress every day!