A Missionary's Visit

The call came late Sunday night. It was Deborah Wells, the Marshalls’ fourth daughter. “Our church is flying us home in June. We wanted to try to surprise Dad for Father’s Day and fly in a little early to see you all.” “Unbelievable. Here we are, talking on our cell phone to Deborah, who lives on the other side of the globe”, Jessica told us. “Thank the Lord, she and her husband, Brad, did come home for a month, and we just spent a week with them, catching up on their lives and ministry. You don’t know when you’ll get to see them again, so you just have to be thankful for the opportunities you do get to be with them.” Brad and Deborah left Papua, New Guinea, on Monday, June 12. By Thursday they had arrived in the States. Matthew & Julie (the Marshalls’ second son and his wife) picked them up at the airport in Chicago. On Saturday they flew to Detroit, where Jonathan and Jessica (the Marshalls’ oldest son and his wife) picked them up and took them to Cabela’s to meet up with Bro. and Mrs. Marshall and their three youngest daughters. “It’s been three years since we saw them last. They spent some time with us the summer of 2003, but a lot changes in three years”, says Mrs. Marshall. “They had to leave the kids “home” in New Guinea with Brad’s parents.” She expressed a desire to see the Wells' newest addition, Jennifer Faith, who was born last November. The Wells traveled with the Marshalls to their scheduled meetings in Michigan. On Father’s Day, Deborah was asked to give the introduction for her dad as he prepared to preach. She said it was a privilege to do so, and spoke of the tremendous direction and guidance her dad had given her in finding a life’s mate. She and Brad sang in another service and Brad gave a testimony of his call and his burden for the work God has called them to in Mount Hagen. “Julia and Sharon were also wanting to see Deborah, so we decided to work together to get them here for the visit”, Monica relates. “We stayed up pretty late, we talked, we went shopping together...you know, all the “sister” stuff.” Julia is the Marshalls’ oldest daughter; Sharon is the fifth daughter. “It was so neat to be able to sing together again, too”, Joanna said. “Dad even requested a song that Julia never used to sing with us, but we did the best we could.” The fact that six of the immediate family members were together was truly amazing. This missionary’s visit was certainly a blessing for six sisters. “We won’t forget this opportunity for a long time”, Monica agrees.