September Schedule

September 3-8: The month of September began in earnest with a week-long tent meeting in Marienville, Pennsylvania. The Forest Area Baptist Church celebrated twenty-five years of service in the Redclyffe area, and Pastor Pete Zengel, his wife Christine, and son Zeb treated us very kindly during our stay. Our pastor, Terry Cumberland, and his wife, Nancy, were there on Sunday for most of the day. Pastor Cumberland started the church twenty-five years ago, and though the church has had its ups and downs, the work has continued on. It is exciting to see what God is doing in this church! During the week we saw quite a few visitors in attendance, with several area pastors joining us for the services. One boy was saved on Tuesday evening, and another was saved on visitation. A young lady shared with us her decision to attend a Christian college. Though her unsaved family does not attend church with her, she obtained her parents' permission to make plans to go. Dad and Mom Marshall and Grady Rowe (a young man who has been traveling with us) headed home on Tuesday evening to take care of business at home. The three ladies and Lakisha Tyus (another traveler) stayed behind to provide special music for the rest of the meeting and help with the nursery and piano playing. Sweet fellowship was enjoyed with the other evangelists and preachers who were with us all week. We sure had our fill of corn on the cob--no one can put it away like Evangelist Bill Lystlund! September 10: What a lively Sunday with Pastor Luke Brinkerhoff and Gospel Light Baptist Church in Utica, New York! We sang off and on all morning. The church was packed out and at least ten called upon the Lord for salvation. We had "dinner-on-the-ground" the old-fashion way, and then the pastor preached another message. We sang several songs before hitting the road and tackling our nine hour trip home. That same week we had Howard and Donna Jordan visiting for three days. Bro. Jordan and Dad attended the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, many years ago. They reminisced about the "good old days", and it was fun to hear some of the stories again that Dad had relayed to the family over the years. Bro. Jordan has pastored in Nebraska for many years. He and his wife have remained faithful, and we were glad to be able to give them a little "retreat in the mountains" for a short while. September 17: We were at our home church on this Sunday--a nice break. The girls did sing a couple of songs, but they don't mind. (It keeps their voices in shape between trips.) There were many hearts with heavy burdens and you could tell the music was ministering to them. What a privilege!