Homecoming Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bro. Dave Smith, choir director at Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina, has worked hard to bring six of the immediate members of the family together for a special Sunday commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the John Marshall Family's ministry of traveling the country. (Check the itinerary page for more details.) Sharon, Jonathan, and Matthew will be joining Dad and Mom, Joanna, Jessica, and Monica to sing together and praise the Lord for all He has done over the last 30 years. There will be a dinner on the grounds following the morning services, and then a concert afterwards. Bro. Dave had planned to get Julia and Jennifer there as well, but those plans fell through. We will greatly miss having the four oldest sisters in attendance. They were the ones who plowed the row so that the rest of us could follow. We could not be doing what we are doing today if it was not for their love and assistance. Dad and Mom have not officially been honored for their service of 30 years in this particular ministry (not to mention the previous years of pastoring), and so we would like to do so on this special Sunday. If you can make it, we would be honored to have you there. If you feel led to write and express your appreciation for their years of service, please write to: Marshall Music P.O. Box 98 Kingwood, WV 26537 or e-mail: ohmyski@aol.com We will be sure to present this to them...and shhhh...keep it a secret as much as possible. Come join us, if you can! We'd love to see you!