Like Bears In A Den

If you've been awonderin' what them there Marshalls have been up to lately, don't ya worry. They're still alive, we reckon. We done heard that they're just a takin' a leetle break from the break-neck speed they was goin' at fer so long. That's why ya ain't seed no dates on that page on their website that says they'll be travelin'...'cause they ain't been outta the holler this month, that's why! In fact, they been snowed in a whole lot, and missed gettin' to their church in Kingwood a couple times. We heard they's catchin' up on all that book work they have to do. Least ways, the girls are scurryin' around and around. They said it was stuff that got pushed back in the corner fer a long time. So, we reckon onct they get things up to par they'll be outta their bear den fer too long. Pa Marshall's been workin' on a DVD project. Yes, that's what they told us. (Though we ain't got no idee what that is!) It's about some lectures on the King James Bible by a preacher named Sam Gipp. Yup, that's what they said. It's shore been a long project and all, but we think he'll be finishin' it up here soon. Ma Marshall...she's still been workin' on all kinds of things, from her midwifery course, to her leetle excersises, to her knittin', to all kinds of stuff! Them girls is busy doin' all kinds of business work, like we done said. They just sit and sit at their computers...guess it must be real fun or somethin'. We did see them try to split some that was funny! Couldn't hardly lift the axe! But they're gettin' the hang of it. They will probably turn out to be real mountain women! We'll let you know if anything changes 'round here. In the meantime, you all can rest assured that the Marshalls are doin' jest fine!