On the Road

After some time spent recuperating in February, we hit the trail again this month. We were thankful to escape a bit of the snow we've been experiencing around here and see some southern sunshine. We weren't quite prepared for warmer weather, so the proper clothing was not packed, but we managed in spite of this set-back. The last Sunday of February found us at the King James Bible Church in Terra Alta, West Virginia, once again. The weather was snowy, but our trusty Subaru got us there safely. We were a little short-staffed due to one of our members being gone, so the music department was sadly lacking. We joined forces with the Miller daughters, (whose dad is a pastor in Oakland, Maryland) who were visiting during the afternoon service. For just a day, we became known as the "Marshmillers". We invited the Miller family over for a meal not long after. It was good to spend some time with fellow workers in the field. They are new to the Victory Baptist Church in Oakland, but are doing a great work there. We spent the first Sunday of March with them. They were a great encouragement to us. The Homecoming Sunday at Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina, was a very special day. Somehow we kept it a surprise from Dad and Mom, who didn't realize we were planning to honor them for 30 years traveling across the country, ministering in Word and song. Sharon, Jonathan, and Matthew and their families arrived on Friday. We began practicing Saturday morning. Bro. Dave's wife, Ginger, bought lunch for us and we stopped for a short break. Then it was back to practicing. We felt, well, almost ready for Sunday. We sang for the Sunday School hour, then sang about four songs and did an offertory for the Morning Worship hour. After a delicious meal in the school gym, we did an afternoon concert. Bro. Dave Smith showed a power point presentation of pictures from days of yore and presented Dad and Mom with a plaque. Dad's sister, Pat Whitehouse, her husband, Larry, and their daughter and son-in-law, Patrick and Dawn Davis, came for the festivities. (Another surprise for Dad!) We had a great time of fellowship with them. We were able to relax and enjoy the evening together at Dave and Ginger's house. They graciously opened up their home to us for the few days we were in town, for which we thank them greatly. Dave took some of the more adventurous ones out four-wheeling, which was a source of great excitement. (and a few sore tailbones!) Monday morning we all headed to Cracker Barrel before Jonathan and Matthew had to head on out. Sharon and family stayed on a little longer, so we were able to get some extra time in before they left that evening. It was great to see them all again, and we were so thankful to Dave and Ginger for making that happen. Tuesday and Wednesday, March 13 & 14, found us in Locust Grove, Georgia, at the Landmark Baptist Church. Pastor & Mrs. Dave O'Steen are doing a great job with the work. Dr. Bill Grady was there on Tuesday evening. It was good to see him again, as it had been a while. We made it home in one piece on Thursday, March 15. Over the weekend we were once again at our home church. Our schedule looks to be picking up here soon, so we are glad for the short break. Until next time...may you have a blessed Spring. Did you know it starts on March 20, 2007 at 8:07pm? Dad Marshall has been informing us of this for quite some time. We thought you'd like to know this, too.