Girls' Day Out

It was another "day out" for the threesome. Due to the fact that they were making a trip to Ohio for a meeting, anyway, they decided to make the weekend a little longer--and headed to Toledo, Ohio, for a singles activity. The activity was held at Hope Baptist Church, where Jonathan Marshall, their brother, is the Singles Director. (His father-in-law, Rick Sowell, is the pastor.) "He has invited us for other singles' activities in the past, and we finally decided to just make the stop this time," Monica told us. "Then he asked us to sing. I mean, here we are, just trying to go incognito, so to speak, and we still have to sing!" The girls are used to being ready to sing at the drop of a hat. At times they are asked to sing at their home church with little notice. "We just pull a song out of the hat," Jessica says. "The hat has shrunk a little, so usually it's a well-worn song, but we sing it, anyway." The three enjoyed their day out, inspite of all of that. A game of "Mix and Mingle" was welcomed by all. There was a time of volleyball, then a Christian film was shown. A delicious meal was served, and after that, the service. Joanna gave a testimony all the singles present. "There are not a lot of faithful singles in churches that we go to, and I wanted to encourage them to stay in the fight," she related. "Of course, I probably 'preached' at them too much, but", and here she paused with a laugh, "they probably needed it." The trio sang a couple songs, and then Pastor Jon asked them to sing another. "I could sense that we were actually ministering to them," Jessica said. "It's not very often that we feel that way while we are singing." The girls had to head out before the service was over that night, as they had several hours to go to get to their next stop. Arriving at around 10:15 pm, they unloaded the van and made their way to their hotel room...tired, but thankful to be used in the Lord's service.