May Meetings

Sunday, May 6-Wednesday, May 9: We were at Berean Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois, this week. It was good to be back with the folks we know and love so well. Pastor Melvin Swanson is still going strong after all these years. Evangelist Sam Gipp was preaching for the Bible Conference, and we enjoyed spending some extra time with him and his wife during the meeting. The week was busy with the recording going on during the day, but we still had a great time all around. Saturday, May 12: Mom and the three girls were busy today at Wildwood Christian Retreat. We sang with a few others for a special at the Ladies Retreat and helped in the kitchen and other areas. There was a record attendance this year of around the 100 mark. Construction is going on up at the Camp, and it is exciting to think of all that is happening. It looks like their summer schedule will be full. Sunday, May 13: We had to leave the Ladies Retreat before it was over in order to make it to our next stop: Corry, Pennsylvania, and the Bible Believer's Bapt. Ch. We arrived somewhat late and the pastor, Ike Erdman, helped us unload. We set up and then Jessica and Monica drove around in the dark desperately trying to find Wal-mart and grab a bite to eat. Dad preached all day on Sunday and we sang quite a bit. It was refreshing to visit with the Erdmans after both services out at their home. They have lost some church folk, but are still remaining faithful. Sunday, May 20: We arrived at Calvary Baptist in Mannington, West Viriginia, in time for Sunday School--amazing! A crew of men helped us carry in our equipment...likely one of the few places where our P.A. system is carried in and set up in about ten minutes! The pastor was not here today, but things went smoothly inspite of that. Dad preached in Sunday School and we sang a few. Bro. Oliver Araiza was here to preach the morning and evening services. In the afternoon we went to eat with a family in the church. They took us to a hotel per the pastor's instructions and we were thankful for some much needed rest after the crazy week prior. We returned home after the evening services, but not without a stop at Subway to fill up. Saturday, May 26-Monday, May 28: The family had to pick up Jessica from the Pittsburgh Airport around noon today, as she was flying back from New York City after helping Sharon with the mix-down on the new CD. It became quite the the family kept going around and around, trying to locate her. She had gone out the wrong side of the airport, and was waiting by the buses and taxis. Needless to say, we won't forget which side of the airport is passenger pick-up anytime soon! From there we headed to Garrettsville, Ohio, and the Troy Baptist Church, where James Beatty is pastor. This is the second time for us to be at their special Memorial Day Weekend meeting, and we had a good time. They usually have a Saturday evening service, with lots of special music. Then the regular morning services on Sunday (Dad preached in Sunday School and we sang one song), a graduation ceremony and program presented by the church school, and a big meal following. On Monday, there was another morning service with three preachers, more music, and a time of remembering our fallen soldiers and other church or family members at the Memorial set up outside the church. Then a delicious meal was served and other activities were participated in. We left sometime in the late afternoon...made our famous stops at Wal-mart...then at last were home.