New Little Arrival

Marshalls can never do just one big thing at once. We have to always have two big events going on at the same time! At least it makes life more thrilling... We told Sharon (our fifth daughter and sister) she would have to wait to have her baby until we came to New York City to record. Her husband, Ted Monsour, was graduating from their church's Bible Institute that Sunday evening, and we thought it would be nice of her to also wait until after that event, as well. As the Lord would have it, she cooperated quite nicely. It was early Monday morning on September 10, 2007, when she started to feel the first pains of labor. Mom was summoned as was the midwife and her assistant. Ted made it home from work. We had started our first day of recording, and each time the phone rang, we all jumped. Everyone played the guessing game at lunch, even the engineer..."It's a boy, 2:00pm"....."It's a boy, 3:00pm"....It's a girl, 2:30pm". We were reminded of Ted and Sharon's wedding day, when Julia (our oldest daughter and sister) delivered her tenth child right as the organist started the recessional! About 1:45pm, little Emeline Priscilla Monsour made her appearance. Sharon made it through in one piece and everyone was thoroughly overjoyed to know that another Marshall grandchild had made their appearance...#33, to be exact! God has been so good to our family. We give Him all the glory!