In the Forest of Marienville, PA

We've been with Pastor Pete Zengel and the Forest Area Baptist Church many times in recent years. The church is situated right in the middle of a forest in the state of Pennsylvania. We usually stay on the church property. The pastor and his family also live on the church property and they have sighted bears in close vicinity before... We came in on Saturday, November 3. In the evening we went to minister at the prison. We have been there once before for a Christmas program. We found the men just as receptive as before. They cheered when Mom said she and Dad were celebrating 45 years of marriage, then they cheered again when she told them that she has 33 grandkids. There was a great spirit among the group. We had liberty for over an hour to sing and preach. On Sunday, November 4 we sang and preached in the morning services, then Dad went to preach again at the prison for two more services in the afternoon. That night we sang and preached again. Poor Dad was pretty wiped out, but he still managed to drive two of the four hours home after the services! Once again, it was great to be with the kind folks of Forest Area Baptist Church.