Maryland Meeting

We almost didn't make it to our scheduled service last Thursday night. We had been gone for about three weeks and home only a few days, so things were a little backed up. Not to mention the snowstorm that arrived this past week. Our van is useless in that kind of weather. Not only does it not have 4WD, it was starting to "miss" and we didn't want to risk taking it out this week. We tried to locate a rental vehicle to no avail. Finally, our pastor and his wife were kind enough to let us use their van. Needless to say, we were a bit rushed at the house. We also failed to take into account the rush hour traffic around D.C. Of course, no one is at their best in traffic, and we were not without a few frustated moments. Feeling a bit frazzled, we rushed into the building as the congregation sang. At least it was a small auditorium, so we didn't have to worry much about the P.A. Just after we got our instruments in tune and made a stop at the restroom, we had to walk to the front and begin singing. In spite of it all, Bro. Eddie Wyatt (who was preaching), had a message that went perfectly with the songs sung. At the invitation, a man came forward for salvation. That made it all worth it! So began our meeting at Blessed Redeemer Baptist Church in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. We had been with Pastor Smokey Grisom and his church last year about this time, but this year we stayed a little longer than before. Thursday and Friday nights Bro. Eddie preached and we sang. Saturday we had a day of rest--which including some Christmas shopping and a great meal at Outback with the song leader and his family...the Byrers. Dad preached all day Sunday. We sang just about everything we knew...and probably some we didn't know very well. The church is very friendly--wonderful people to be around. We spent time at various restaurants this week and it was nice to get to know them a little better. Sunday afternoon we were able to go to a Japanese steakhouse, which proved to be quite the adventure. We've been to a few before, but not one where they threw food up in the air for you to catch! Mom just about choked on her "catch". Dad was even fed by our cook off of his spatula. Never a dull moment... The other highlight this week was a young girl who came for salvation Sunday night. It has always been our desire to see more people saved in the meetings we hold, and this week was a real lift to our spirits! Other than a slightly careless lady driver who bumped our van door on her way to the gas pump, we had a pretty uneventful trip home. (She insisted that she had had enough damage was done, praise the Lord.) Someone gave us a Wawa card...what a blessing to any evangelist! We filled up the van and our stomachs using that little card. And now, we're back home. Filling orders. Answering phone calls. Desperately decorating the cabin in our spare moments. Having a time!