CIJ 2008

Once again we made our way to Rockford, Illinois, for "Camp in January 2008" (aka "CIJ"). We flew into Midway and made the trip safely. Pastor Mark picked us up in "Big Red" and we had a slight wait until we could pick up Bro. Buddy Blunkall at O'Hare. Grabbed some hotdogs and chicken wraps at a restaurant not far from the airport...watched as plane after plane flew over us. That evening we met with the youth workers at the church. Great food, great fellowship, singing and challenges by Dad and Bro. Blunkall made the evening complete. We felt better prepared to work with the youth this weekend. The theme this past year was "Turn the Tide". We missed being at Camp Berean 2007 due to some schedule problems, but we hear that the Walker Family from Toledo, Ohio, filled in quite well for us. Sharon Monsour (our fifth sister and daughter) and Monica wrote the theme song this year. The song is on our newest CD, Mountain Heritage. Saturday was the day! Visitation in the morning (No snow this year!), Beef-a-Roo for lunch (where Matt and Julie met up with us), catching up with them in the afternoon, naps, then "Camp in J"! Attendance was down a bit as some of the teens were away on tournaments. There was a good spirit, however. During two chapel times we sang and Dad preached, and Bro. Blunkall sang and preached. Activities in the gym included a massive basketball game involving four hoops and almost everyone at CIJ...some even on roller skates! Big ball volleyball was also a hit. The cooks came through once again with some awesome food. Sunday was a big day as well. We didn't visit all the classes that we usually do, but Dad preached quite a bit. We always enjoy getting to sing with Bro. Blunkall. It's become a yearly event! Sunday night after church we had a continuation of "CIJ". The Lord seemed to move among the hearts of the young men and they were praying and weeping together. We trust that He brought to mind decisions they made at Camp Berean and may they desire to "Turn the Tide" for Him! Our trip home went unusually well...until we got within two miles of our place. The road was pretty dangerous and after sliding around for a while, we decided that we best leave the van where we could (happened to be a barnyard) and Dad's brother, Allen Marshall, and his daughter, Janna, came and rescued us. Whew...what a time!