Valentine Weekend in PA

Our trip to Hannahstown Road Baptist Church was short but sweet. We had been looking forward to being with Pastor & Mrs. Mark Wagner and the church there in Cabot. They have been pastoring not much more than a year. Though they have faced some strong battles, they have been faithful and the work is growing steadily. We left for Pennsylvania on Saturday, just as it was getting a little more chilly out. We were expected at a Valentine Banquet that evening and we arrived just in time to run to the pastor's house and change our clothes before heading to the restaurant where the banquet was being held. There were about thirty or so in attendance. Hopefully those who "listened" from a nearby section were able to get a clear message of the Gospel through the evening. After a short game, we participated in a few skits. We're not sure if anyone was entertained but we did our best. For the first time in history, Dad and Mom did a skit together. Though they insisted it wasn't any good, we thought otherwise. Of course, the three hicks showed up and sang their infamous song, "Love is A Funny Thing". It was quite the hit, believe us. After singing a few songs and Dad giving a short message, we packed up and helped put the room back together. The church had provided a couple of rooms for us at the Comfort Inn, huge fruit baskets, and juices, water, and pop. We rested well and were ready for the next day. We sang in Worship Service the next morning and Dad preached. Pastor Wagner and his family planned to take us to a small restaurant in town, but somehow we hadn't been given enough seats, so we just walked to a nearby Subway and grabbed some food. From there we headed to the nursing home for a service. One lady that we tried to bring to the service began yelling after she was brought in, "I don't want to go!" When she saw the piano she emphatically said, "I can't play the piano!" Pastor Wagner replied, "Praise God and shame on the devil!" In spite of this episode, we continued on--singing one song, and Pastor Wagner giving the message. Later we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap. Not many showed up for the evening service, but we still had a good time. Pastor Wagner and his family are doing an excellent job in Cabot. We enjoyed some fellowship with them in their home after the service. They took great care of us and we can only hope we were able to be an encouragement to them and to Hannahstown Road Baptist Church.