Valentine Weekend in Ohio

Yes, we had yet another Valentine Banquet to attend this year. This time it was in the Little Hocking valley of Ohio. Pastor Jay Hubbard and the Gospel Baptist Church invited us to come for the weekend of February 16 & 17. Once again, there was a Saturday evening Valentine Banquet, although this time it was a church-wide event. We didn't have to dress up like hicks again (what we were wearing was authentic enough!) or do any crazy skits....but we did sing and Dad brought a challenge to the couples in attendance. Poor Monica was struggling with a cold, so it was rather hard on the song selection, but she managed to croak her way through. We had a full morning the following day, with us singing and Dad bringing a message on the family in Sunday School. Once again, Monica had a struggle singing, and we felt badly for her on "One More Mile", where she sounded like she was trying to run one more mile--with little success. (Or was that "One More Song"?) Oh, my...but these times do come to us now and again. The only thing is, it's much worse now with only three people to sing as opposed to eight or six. Back then, you could cover it up a lot more! After fellowshipping with various church folk and packing up, we went to eat at an Italian restaurant with Pastor Hubbard and his wife and daughter. We had a good time getting to know them a little better before heading back home in the afternoon. Due to a change in scheduling, we were able to be at our home church in the evening. There was a "linger-longer" fellowship time following, and it was nice to be able to be with our church family and yes, eat! There's a joke going around at our church that we always come when there's a fellowship time following the service...and usually we aren't really trying to plan that. It just sorta...happens! We don't mind... Another busy weekend, another weekend to serve Him!