Springtime in the Holler

[photopress:Blue_hills_1_2.jpg,thumb,alignleft] Spring is hitting the hills in the holler near our cabin. We have had many days of rain this winter and the rain has continued on into Spring, making us anxious for the sunny days ahead. Thank God for Dad Marshall and his genius of an outdoor furnace. It has been a great help to us, not only providing heat for the winter season, but also cutting back on our electric bill. In the past month we learned Mom had an issue with her blood pressure. She went for a routine visit, only to find out that her blood pressure was almost out of sight and she was a good candidate for a stroke or worse. Thank God we were home and not out on the road when she learned this news! Throughout the past month we were able to visit family and friends as a result of our schedule being a bit slower. The three girls went to visit their brother Jonathan in Toledo, as was already mentioned. Joanna and Jessica also went to visit family in NYC recently. They enjoyed catching up with everyone there. The Montoro clan is growing, with Julia expecting their eleventh baby next month. The second and third oldest, Sarah and Andrew, will be graduating in June. As well, Ted and Sharon are working in the church and are looking to have a busy spring and summer in the work in NYC. Dad, Mom, and Monica were equally glad to have some time to themselves at the cabin. Mom and Monica were involved with helping a lady in our church get settled in her new house. Monica had the privilege of leading a young girl to the Lord that she has been working with. Just last evening we had a man here for dinner who has been visiting our church. We enjoy being able to open our home up to folks like this who need encouragement. Our pastor, Terry Cumberland, asks Dad to preach from time to time--usually a Wednesday night once a month. If we're home on a Sunday, we get asked to sing for special services or when there is an emergency. The Lord always finds ways to keep us serving Him. We know we'll be hitting the road more these next few weeks as we head into Spring. Please pray for us as we travel: for safety, souls to be saved, saints to be edified. We desire that He use us greatly for His name's sake.