Our Trip Diary

Sunday, April 13th: We had some last minute things to take care of on Saturday before we left for Quakertown, Pennsylvania, but we eventually got on the road. The trip took us about six hours or so. (Not a problem, right? Right! We're getting a little soft in our old age, we believe...) We were to meet with the Makins, a family from the church, for dinner. The dad met us in a vacant parking lot and we followed him to the house. After greeting everyone, we were served a wonderful meal that included elk steak. We enjoyed a time of fellowship and great food, along with slap-happy antics from Dad, who was not a little tired. (The poor man had driven about four hours of the trip.) After dinner we talked and shared testimonies for a while. The pastor, Bro. Dave Smith, and his wife joined us for dessert and this time of testimonials. It's not often that we are able to share our hearts with others in a more relaxed setting, so we had a good time speaking of our ministry, what God has done, and is doing in each others' lives. Then we split up into three different groups and all went their ways to get a good night's rest. Community Baptist Church in Quakertown, PA, isn't very old, but already they are running around 200 members and are seeing God bless. We sang a good bit in Worship service and the people seemed to respond well. We went to a diner for our afternoon meal with a pretty big group from the church. Afterwards we were able to grab some time to nap before the services in the evening. We sang a good deal and then Dad preached on the family tonight. The next morning we were able to spend some more time with Pastor Smith and one of his sons, and some of the Makin family. The folks of Community Baptist were very friendly and treated us warmly. It is always nice to get in some new churches now and again. We pray that our ministry was a blessing to them, just as they were to us!