Ladies Conference

Friday and Saturday, April 18-19th: We tried to squeeze as much work into our short week before heading to Stonewood, West Virginia, and the Bible Baptist Temple's Ladies Conference this past weekend. Somehow we--that is, Mom and us girls--got everything packed up and left (Yes, a bit behind our target time--there's sooo much to plan for when you leave the house these days!). We made it into town and stopped for a drive-thru meal before heading to the church. Thank the Lord, we didn't have to use our P.A. system, and so we just set up the instruments and our CD table. At first we heard we were only doing one song (They actually meant one before each session, but we got the wrong message there...), so we tried to think of one song that would really get the job done. In the end, we did three songs. It always pays to be ready, folks! Flexibility is key in this ministry. The church put us up in a very nice hotel, where we had a delicious breakfast made just for us the next morning. However, someone had gotten the wrong info. As we turned into the church parking lot, we wondered why there was no one milling about...all the cars seemed parked...what was going on? Apparently, we were supposed to be there at 9am, not 9:30am, as we had originally thought! Help! We tried to slip in quietly at the back doors, but almost immediately had to walk up on stage and begin singing. "Ok, who scheduled this meeting, anyway?" (Our famous line when something goes wrong.) We found out we weren't the only ones who were late that day--some of the other ladies who were speaking were also late. Whew...the ladies in charge were very gracious to us. We ended up only singing two songs this morning as some of the sessions were not finished on time. Monica was busy at the CD table, a scrumptious lunch was provided, and we had a great time jawing with the other ladies in attendance. There were several hundred there, from what we heard. Quite a few ladies told us that the Lord used the music to encourage them, and for that we were grateful. After lunch we had to quickly pack up and head back home to pick up Dad. From home we went on to Punxsutawney, PA, where we have been ministering this week at the Countryside Baptist Church, (Pastor Don Pendley). The week has been going well and we believe God is working in hearts. It's been a busy month so far, and we are thankful that God is using us...even when we can't figure out the time of the services we're supposed to be at.