All in One Week

It's not often that we have a funeral and a wedding in one week, but that's what happened the third week of May. We came home from our Southern Trip to attend the funeral of Dad's great-aunt, Madge Williams. She passed away on May 17 while we were gone, and the funeral was held on May 21. We were glad we could be home to pay our respects. Aunt Madge would have been 96 in September. A sweet little lady, she opened up her home to us upon our arrival in the "Valley" to begin work on our cabin. For several weeks we parked our bus next to her house while we cleared off bushes and trees on our property. She would allow us to use her kitchen and practice on her piano. We have many fond memories of visiting with her over the years, when we would stop to visit relatives on our journeys. We will greatly miss dear Aunt "Magic", as we liked to call her. Thankfully, the week didn't end on a sad note. We had been asked a year ago to sing and play for the wedding of Willie & Laura Haught. The couple was getting married at Calvary Baptist Church in Mannington, West Virginia. The bride wished to have a harpist for her wedding and someone suggested asking us to do the music. We had not done a wedding for a few years, but decided to accept the offer. Laura was very gracious and encouraging, one of the most positive brides with whom we have worked. She wasn't fussy and was really excited about any song we mentioned. We ended up playing and singing for the thirty-minute prelude, and the ceremony, which was extremely short. (Quite nice, for a change!) The wedding was beautiful and since we have been at the church many times in the past, we felt just about at home. You never know what's next on the docket around here...but that week certainly kept us on our toes!