Fourth Annual Mountain Heritage Music Recital

The name sounds officious, but really it's just about a small group of students who gather with their families to show everyone how hard they have worked throughout the year. This year's recital was held on Thursday evening, May 29, 2008. The teachers--John Marshall, Joanna Marshall, and Jessica Marshall--prepped their students as best as they could. With such a busy schedule, there wasn't a lot of time for them to have lessons with the eight students they've been teaching this year. One family, the Wajlers, from Mannington, West Virginia, have been driving about an hour each way to the cabin to get their lessons. They started last summer and have been moving along remarkably well. The three oldest sons, Tadziu (piano), Nathan (banjo), and Aaron (guitar), have worked hard and did a wonderful job on their respective instruments. Other students who participated were Tori and Tucker Carr, a sister and brother duo who have been taking violin and guitar lessons. Tucker, who at first said he wouldn't participate, changed his mind and courageously played his first recital ever. Two other beginner piano students, Celeste De Riggi, and Brittany Dillsworth, played quite well. Madison Jones, another guitar student, has been taking lessons for several years, and she played determinedly in spite of nerves. The whole Marshall family was involved with the details. The Marshalls used their home church auditorium to hold their recital for its convenience. Mr. Marshall welcomed everyone to the recital and then Joanna took over the MC job. After each student played, the teachers played a song together. Joanna gave the awards out and each teacher gave their remarks. Mrs. Marshall and Monica helped with the refreshments following in the church basement. From all reports, the Fourth Annual Mountain Heritage Music Recital was a great success. The Marshalls proudly applaud each student!