Montoro Graduation

The Montoro Family graduated two more of the clan on Friday, June 6, 2008. It's hard to believe folks, but the grandkids are fast growing up! We made it in to NYC on Friday afternoon--a very hot Friday afternoon! After unloading thousands and thousands of bags and instruments (at least it seemed that way!), the van was eventually parked (thanks to Jessica and Andrew, our famous parallel parking duo...ahem...put that in the joke book!), and everyone rested and got ready for the evening festivities. Sarah (16) and Andrew (15) had worked hard to prepare for this special day. All of the kids were involved in the preparations--which included making food, setting up a display table showing off the work of "Teamwork Academy" (the name of the Montoro School), and decorating the area. Both Sarah and Andrew gave a speech and did quite well. Sarah played a lovely piece on the piano, entitled "Shepherd of Love". Andrew played a classical guitar piece entitled, "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee". Papa Marshall gave the charge, and then the diplomas were handed out. We well remember the days when Sarah was giggling away, and Andrew declared he liked the country, all except for the " 'squitos". They have grown and matured in many ways, and it was a blessing to our hearts to hear their testimonies and how they would like to be used of the Lord in the future. Sarah has a desire for Missions work, and Andrew is leaning towards the pastorate. They both will attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in future years--Sarah in the fall of 2009, and Andrew in the fall of 2010. What a joy to know that they are desiring to follow God's plan for their lives! And to think, Pete and Julia only have 8 more kids to go. Now, how 'bout that?