Company's Here!

The Marshalls "Bed & Breakfast" is starting to pick up the pace. We were happy to have the Potters here for a few days just this past week. Before arriving, Lauren kept stressing that they didn't want to be a burden on us. Of course, they were not--quite the opposite. Bro. Potter helped Dad mow alot of the property, Mrs. Potter was in the kitchen quite a bit helping Mom, Lauren spent most of her time sanding a door, and Leigh helped us sort catalogs for our mailout. We were experiencing some trouble with our internet connections and our phone line, so it was nice to see progress in other areas while they were here. (Thankfully, the problem was resolved...eventually.) Lauren has especially been a real blessing to us over the years. Not only has she helped us in the practical side of the ministry by traveling with us (in 2003) and doing all that was asked of her, she has supported us financially for some time. Each one of the Potters have been a blessing. If you want to see something comical, watch Mom and Mrs. Potter together...those two are a hoot! (As we say around here.) We're thankful for all that they did while they were here. The day after they left, we had some more company here. Pastor Bill Rench, his wife, Wendy, and their youngest son, Garrett, were here for one night. It was great to see them, and we could hardly believe that "the last Gospel voice west of the Mississippi" (as he calls himself) was in our home! We tried to show them some real West Virginia hospitality by bringing out several of Mom's delicious jams. Dad took the men on a short jaunt to see the old homeplace below our property. Our "Bed & Breakfast" has seen some slower days...but things are picking up around here!