Camp Berean 2008

The trip to Rockford was long, but we didn't do alot of stopping along the way--so we made it in record time. (About 12 hours.) There didn't seem to be anyone around when we entered the building, but Pastor Mark arrived with some helpers after we called him. A stop at Beef-a-Roo gave us a much needed lift, and then we came back to the church to test out the P.A. With some coaxing, we sang the new Camp Berean theme song, "A Vessel of Value". It was a little rough, but at least we know the words pretty well this time. Sunday morning was not as hectic as some mornings at Berean. Pastor Melvin Swanson is still going strong after all these years. What a joy to see him again! The three of us girls went to the Youth Auditorium for Sunday School, while Dad and Mom stayed with the Adult class. Dad preached for both services today and we sang. After the evening service, we sang "A Vessel of Value" and had a time of prayer and dedicating of the week to God. All the workers and staff stood at the front of the church while Pastor Swanson prayed for them. The devil certainly fought during the week. It was quite evident that he didn't want any victories to be ours--but through prayer, he was once again defeated. We saw at least four or five campers come for salvation and many others made decisions throughout the week. We know the Lord will enable these young people to keep going for Him. There was a sweet spirit among the campers this year, and many seemed to have a tender heart for the things of God. A special part of Camp Berean is the time we get to spend with the staff and with other fellow servants. This year us girls were not counselors, as there were enough of those available. This freed us to be able to spend more time with the campers and staff in various settings. We were thankful to also have more time to catch up with the Blunkalls, and get to know the Walker Family a little better. We sure had a time working together on skits the first few days! It was a hoot to watch all of the girls stuff pillows in their shirts for the "Fat Farm" skit! (Dad also got involved with another one of the camp skits based on the theme.) We had fun singing together at different times for the services. Mom was kept busy with her nursing skills throughout the week, and Dad preached with power. Camp Berean 2008 was exciting, not only to see what God did during the week, but what He will continue to do in the lives of the campers who came to the week of "A Vessel of Value".