Homecoming Sunday

Sunday, August 17, 2008: We arrived Saturday afternoon and set up, then went to eat dinner with Pastor Bruce Fincham and his wife at a nice homestyle restaurant. They had secured comfortable rooms for us at Best Western and we were very grateful. This Sunday was Bible Baptist Church's Homecoming Sunday here in Culpeper, Virginia, complete with a delectable meal in the church fellowship hall. The place was packed out for the morning services. We sang for Sunday School, and Pastor Fincham gave the lesson. Again, in the worship service we sang, and Pastor Fincham preached a great message on the Prodigal. Later, after we had gained several pounds at the meal, we sang again (in spite of Jessica's "feverish feeling") and Dad preached a great message in the afternoon service. That service also included some great testimonies from members of the church. The church was very kind and took good care of us. We were blessed to be with them today! Some good friends of ours, Bob and Sue Patterson, came to the services--as they lived in the area. We were invited over to their house after the services today, and we gladly accepted. The Pattersons used to live in Rochester, New York, where we have sung and preached in many of that area's churches. It was very nice to be able to catch up with them and enjoy a bite to eat and a few hours respite before hitting Route 50 on the way home. Route 50...what can we say? Only that we don't have to ride "The Incredible Hulk" or "Fire and Ice" or any of those amusement rides for some thrills if we travel this route every so often! And when do you ever get to hit a deer on one of those? Yes, we did hit a deer...but, praise the Lord, no damage was done. That deer probably hit the chiropractor the next day, though! We made it back home in one piece and began a new week here at the home--organizing, canning, working on the house, answering phone calls, and getting business work done. Sure is nice to be home!