We know that there has been a lapse in news in the past month, and we apologize for that. We've just been adjusting to some changes that are taking place in our lives and ministry. We have felt the need for quite a while to make these changes, but didn't feel that the timing was right until now. We are thankful that the Lord knows what is going on and He is directing our steps each day. There is much comfort in that! Basically, we've just decided that we won't be taking any more "long-drawn-out" trips to various places around the country as a family. We still have some meetings coming up this fall, but beyond that, there are no plans to schedule anything over three or four hours away. The three ladies still at home--Joanna, Jessica, and Monica--have decided to look for jobs in the area and have taken up the search. They are also trying to acclimate to a slower speed and to being in one place all the time. Although they have lived all of their lives in full-time ministry and have enjoyed traveling, they feel it is time to switch gears and get some things caught up around the home and in the CD ministry that they oversee. They will continue to be involved in the secretarial side of the ministry. Dad & Mom Marshall are very much willing to take on occasional meetings and are available for Family Conferences, Mission Conferences, and Revival meetings. Dad especially enjoys preaching for week-long meetings in churches that are looking for sound doctrine. They both enjoy singing together--and Dad plays the guitar and banjo, as well. If you would like to have them at your church, please contact them: Bro. & Mrs. John Marshall P.O. Box 98 Kingwood, WV 26537 304.568.2543 They are a wealth of information on raising a Godly family in this day and age, soulwinning, Godly standards, and music helps and resources. If your church needs help in one or more areas, have them won't be disappointed! Our website will continue on in mostly the same vein as before, although we will be updating and adding new elements, the Lord willing. If you should happen to have any questions for us, please feel free to ask. Our desire is to continue to be a blessing to you and your family. Life may bring changes, but by God's grace, we will do our best to keep providing you and your family with the encouragement and help you need in these days. Please don't stop praying for us, as well.