This & That

September 22-24, 2008 Our church recently had a Revival meeting with Bro. Don Hardman. It was good to see him and his wife again. We enjoyed the hard preaching. Mrs. Hardman sang the last night of the meeting and she was a blessing. She asked that we sing as well, and we couldn't refuse her. They have been going pretty strong the last few months, and are looking forward to some time off in a few weeks. September 25-29, 2008 The girls' friend, Tashann Sarra, from Plainville, Connecticut, came to visit for a short while. She was a great encouragement and helped out in various ways. Tashann was a riot to be around, as well! Thanks for coming, Tash! During her stay, our own town of Kingwood was having their annual Buckwheat Festival. They estimate that somewhere around 100,000 people come through Kingwood during the Festival. We were able to give out a lot of tracts and there was a good response. We pray that the seed fell on good soil. September 29-30, 2008 Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church in Oakland, Maryland, hosted their annual Sword of the Lord Conference just recently. Some of the members of our home church went both nights of the meeting. Pastor Dennis Leatherman graciously allowed us to set up our table one night (we were unable to attend both nights). We saw friends from churches we have ministered in, including Pastor Bill Foster and his wife and members of his church in Terra Alta, West Virginia, and Pastor Ken Lake and family from Romney, West Virginia. The preaching from Dr. Sam Davison and Dr. Shelton Smith was a real blessing. Dr. Davison informed us that our grandson and nephew, Peter Montoro, is doing well at Heartland Baptist Bible College and is working and studying hard. It was great to hear a good report on him from the President of Heartland!