Meeting on the Mountain

October 12-17, 2008 This past week was spent in a Revival meeting up on the mountain at King James Bible Church just outside of Terra Alta, West Virginia. The dates for the meeting were changed this year from a summer meeting to a fall meeting due to schedules, but we still enjoyed going up to see Pastor Billy Foster and the sweet members of his church. Since KJBC isn't too far from us, we spent Sunday afternoon at the church. Napping on a church pew is something we are familiar with, although it's been a while since we've done so. The weather was beautiful and the scenery the same around the area. Dad preached with power all week. He seemed to have unusual liberty. Though attendance was low several nights, there was activity at the altar and we believe that the meeting was meant to encourage the church members especially. We tried out some new songs for the services this week. The church here is always nice about our mistakes...and we made quite a few. Dad and Mom were in the spotlight several times, and they did a wonderful job. Now, the girls...that's another story. There was always food and fellowship after the services each night. What precious memories we share of those nights downstairs, eating and talking and sharing our hearts with each other--the fellowship is half of the blessing at this church. The ladies at King James sure know how to get up a good meal, and that's what they did every night! We all gained probably 10 pounds a piece this week. (Just joking...) We thank the Lord for the King James Bible Church and for the opportunity the Lord gave us to minister there this month. May He continue to bless the work at KJBC and may it go forward for Him!