Sunday's Schedule

November 9, 2008 In the am... We left early this morning and headed south to Jane Lew. We were scheduled to be with the Grace Baptist Temple and Pastor Roger Brown. Our van was still in the shop at the time, so we had to squeeze into our small Subaru. We managed to get all of the instruments we needed into the trunk of the car, along with a few microphones, stands, and cords. Other smaller items were squeezed in as needed and possible. In spite of the closeness in the vehicle, we were thankful for any type of transportation at this point. We had plenty of time once we arrived, so we quickly went to grab some more sustenance, as it looked to be a pretty busy Sunday. The pastor allowed us the use of his P.A. system, and with the extra items we had brought with us, we managed to get a pretty good set-up going in that department. Mom was asked to run the system as the usual sound man was sick. This was a special Fall Sunday for Grace Baptist. They had a contest going between two teams, the Gold and Blue. Whoever brought the most visitors went first for the afternoon meal. The Blue team won, and excitement mounted. Dad spoke in Sunday School after we had sung some songs. Pastor Brown preached the morning service on "Dr. Law and Dr. Grace", which we hadn't heard for some time. That message is an old favorite by Bro. Lester Roloff. We heard it many years ago, and it was developed into a drama by Dad and Pat Cassidy (who traveled with us back in the good old days). It has now been made available on DVD. The meal wasn't served for a while as another church was joining us, so we were able to relax just a bit. It was well worth the wait and was consumed in a community building not far from the church. We headed back to the church for an afternoon service. This time, instead of the usual practice of singing and then Dad preaching (while folks try to catch their "naptime"), the schedule was switched around and Dad preached up a storm first. We had to leave quickly after the service to get back to Kingwood. In the pm... We ended up waiting again to get into the chapel at Camp Dawson, but we still made it and enjoyed a good service of singing, testimonies, and preaching with the Mountaineer Challenge Academy. Dad aimed his preaching at strengthening the new believers among the cadets and we did some extra singing, all of which they responded to with enthusiasm. During the invitation, there was a slight disturbance as a young man walked forward. "Yes, sir?" Dad said. "I'm just not sure I'm saved," he announced in front of all of us. "I just want to get it settled." While we prayed, Dad led the young man, Josh, in the sinner's prayer. What a great way to end the day! We spent some extra time at the end of the service just talking with some of the cadets and the leader in charge. We were quite tired after this busy day, but excited to be in His service!