Dad & Mom's 46th Anniversary

It was the Spring of 1962. Frank* met John Marshall at a church on Long Island one Sunday evening and invited him to a Bible study in his home. Leanore Schaefer, a well-known conversationalist, was also in attendance. In fact, Frank was her boyfriend. It just so happened that she ended up in a seat behind John. Noticing a button on the back of his shirt that was missing (this type of shirt was popular in those days..), she thought she'd let him in on it. "Your button is missing," she pointed out. John was quick to respond. "I don't have anyone to sew it on for me," he replied. "Tough," thought Leanore. She wasn't impressed and didn't care to continue the conversation. It was shortly thereafter that Frank decided to go to California. He was dating Leanore and another girl, Nancy*, at the same time and felt he needed to get away so as to make the decision about his life's mate. He told Leanore that she could date around in the meanwhile. John soon found out that Frank was gone and wasted no time in asking Lee out to go bowling. By the time Frank returned from his trip to California, John and Leanore had fallen in love and knew the Lord had led them together. No amount of persuasion on Frank's part could affect Leanore now. Forty-six years of living and loving together have gone by, and Dad and Mom Marshall have certainly had their share of trials and triumphs. What a legacy they have shared with us, their children and grandchildren! We are grateful for their years of service to the Lord and their faithfulness to each other. We could never repay them for all they have done for us. On November 10, 2008, Dad and Mom officially celebrated their anniversary. They took the evening off and went out to eat at a nice restaurant. When they arrived home, we had a basket of cards and letters waiting for them from friends and family, along with an ice cream cake to enjoy. They were quite surprised to receive so many kind letters from people all over the States. It added a wonderful touch to their day. Even though Dad and Mom have already thanked you, we want to say a special "Thank You" once again to all of you who sent a card and gift to them! You know who you are. Dad and Mom were amazed and pleased. With the special monies that were given, they plan to buy the jacuzzi for their master bathroom. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchase for their bedroom and bathroom, which they will move into one of these days. We thank you for the love and care you have shown them. It means more than we can say! *Names have been changed to protect identities.