November Meetings

Friday, November 14: The three of us girls left early this morning for Bridgeport, West Virginia, and the "God Save America" Conference with Dr. Randy Taylor. Originally we had wanted to go for both days of the meeting (13th & 14th) but it just didn't work out for us to do so. We eventually found the Conference Center and were able to set up our display table before most folks arrived. Many of the pastors in the area were in attendance, including quite a bit from churches in which we have ministered. It was nice to see them again (as well as many of their members) and to enjoy some fellowship. Things have been a bit slow in the "Holler" lately, so it was a refreshment to get out and be encouraged. The Pat Cassidy Family (missionaries to Malawi) were here, as well. We ate lunch with them and reminisced about the old days a bit. There was a pretty big gaggle of girls, but we had a time. People kept asking us if we were going to which we repeatedly affirmed that we were not going to do so. The messages and special music were uplifting. We grabbed some coffee for the trip back--a good portion of which was on Route 50, West Virginia's Natural Roller Coaster--and didn't see any deer along the way, thank God! Sunday,November 16: Pastor Rick Drummond and his wife have taken the pastorate at the Lebanon Baptist Temple in Lebanon, Ohio. (Allen Jones old church.) He had been with us in a campmeeting in the summer and asked us to come to his first service as pastor. We agreed and set the date for this Sunday. Thank the Lord, our van was running a little better for this trip. We saw snow, but it didn't keep us from making the meeting (at least this time!). There were a whole lot of people here for this special Sunday, along with several old family friends of ours. Chawn Craigwall, his brother, and mother came today. We know their family from the days at Deer Park Baptist Church in Cincinnati--many, many years ago. What a blessing to see Chawn and his wife after so long--faithfully serving the Lord! We did a mini-concert for the Sunday School hour and the Lord moved in a special way. Pastor Drummond preached the main service, and following that was a huge dinner in the fellowship hall across the street from the church. After an afternoon service with more singing and Dad's preaching, we had to hit the trail and get back home. Thursday-Saturday, November 20-22: The trip to Salisbury, Maryland, for this weekend proved to be longer than we expected, due to an added trip to New York City. Ted & Sharon Monsour (the fifth daughter and her family) were moving out of the City to upstate New York. They needed some moral support as they packed and adjusted to the quick developments going on in their lives, so we decided on short notice to help them out a bit. We started out in the van this morning. Dad heard some strange noises in the van and was concerned about driving it 7 hours and possibly being stranded if something were to happen. We turned around and went back home. The debate began as to whether to take the small Subaru we own and continue the trip. If we did so, we would be crammed in together so tightly we wouldn't be able to move. We were planning to go on to our meeting in Salisbury from the City, so that would mean we couldn't take our P.A. system, and only a small percent of our instruments if we decided to still go. The decision was finally made. CD boxes were piled in the back window, Dad & Moms' clothes were rolled up in the trunk and shoved wherever there was space, and we squeezed in amidst pillows, Bibles, and coats. We made it to the City in good time. Thursday evening is when Open Door Bible Baptist holds their mid-week service, so we were able to be there for that. Pastor Pete asked Dad to preach, and he gave a Thanksgiving message. During the next day and a half, we helped Ted & Sharon finish packing, and spent time with Teddy, Emeline, and the Montoro Family. It was hard to say goodbye to all of them on Saturday! November 23: Pastor Carlo Leto was amazed that we had traveled in such a small car as our Subaru. Were we ever thankful to get out of that car that evening and relax at a hotel! The Letos took us to Denny's--a real treat after being cooped up today! This was Salisbury Baptist Temple's Big Day--they had a Fall campaign going on and were voting between two men for Sunday School Superintendent. There was great excitement in the air today. They had a huge crowd and several saved in the morning service. We sang in the morning services. The noon meal was at the Golden Corral with the Letos and an assistant pastor and his family. Once again we had the evening service--we sang, Dad preached. There was a dessert fellowship following and we sure liked that! Made a quick stop at Denny's again with Pastor Leto and his oldest daughter. Rest was sweet after such a busy weekend. Wednesday, November 26: We had been invited to sing at the Pruntytown Correctional Center about an hour from us. Phil Nestor was the man in charge and he met us at the door of the chapel tonight. We had a good response as we sang and Dad preached--the service lasting and hour and a half. The crowd seemed to listen closely and we talked with several afterwards that lingered behind. We were thankful to be able to give out this Thanksgiving Eve.