Ministry at Camp Dawson

Many have wondered this year what has happened to the Marshall Family.  No, we haven't stopped traveling completely, but things have taken a definite turn as far as ministry goes.  During the month of January, Dad and Mom began a new ministry at Camp Dawson.  They had one soldier come to the service that Sunday evening of January 11.  Two others had heard about the services being held at the Camp chapel, but they decided to go our church in Kingwood, having had experiences with "army chaplains" before!  Little did they know that Dad was the one preaching. We had one faithful guy coming for several weeks.  We had him over for meals at our house a few times and Dad had some Bible studies with him.  Our desire is to help anyone we can, even if the Lord allows them to come one by one. Another young soldier, a new Christian, has asked for help in learning to have devotions.  Dad has been able to speak with him several times.  Pray that this young man will be able to have some Bible studies with Dad on a regular basis. The threesome have been helping out a bit with the services at the Camp, but Dad and Mom have been and will be much more involved in the work.  Please keep us in your prayers as we minister to the soldiers and other personnel at Camp Dawson.