#35 & #36 Are Here!

Yes, you heard that right. Papa & Grandma Marshall now have 36 grandkids! Number Thirty-Five... Veronica Rose Monsour made her appearance on Saturday, April 18, 2009, at 8:31am. She weighed 9 lbs. and was 21.75" long. The proud parents are Ted & Sharon Monsour of Fort Ann, NY. The Lord moved the Monsours upstate last fall, where they have joined Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church in Hudson Falls, NY(Dr. Guy Goodell, Pastor). Here's Veronica's birth story from Sharon (Marshall) Monsour herself: We're so blessed to announce the birth of our third little one. Our "guess date" was the 13th, Mommy was so uncomfortable and it felt like we would never meet this little one. After a false alarm on Thursday morning there was some discouragement setting in. About 4am on Saturday morning things started developing and by 6am we knew that this baby was ready to make its appearance. After calling Poppy & Nana Monsour to come pick up Teddy & Emeline, Ted called the midwife. She is 1 hour and 45 minutes away and started out as soon as she could. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things started picking up and Grandma Marshall began preparing for an imminent birth. The Lord had previously allowed us to make contact with a doula who offered her services for free. She arrived about 7am and was a great help in getting things set up and assisting Grandma. Although it was a makeshift birth team, God obviously had his hand on each detail. Grandma Marshall ended up delivering little Veronica Rose. She had secretly hoped that she would have that privilege and the Lord granted her wish. The midwife didn't make it until ten minutes after the birth and everything was well under control in Grandma's capable hands. The Lord was so very gracious in giving us a textbook delivery. It went fast and smoothly for Mommy. We named her Veronica after Ted's Aunt Ronnie who passed away in 2007. We had planned another middle name, but Veronica arrived on HER Aunt Jessica's (Monsour) birthday and Rose is her middle name. (Of course, she shares Mommy's middle name, too. ) We like the name's meaning: "She who brings victory". It sure was a victorious moment when she arrived safely and soundly. Tears of relief were shed! Number Thirty-Six... Matt & Julie Marshall welcomed another little boy into their home at 8:07am on Wednesday, May 13, 2009. Caden Doyle Marshall weighed 7 lbs. and 3 oz. His name means "fighter", and during the delivery it appeared that he was living up to the name already! Thank the Lord he arrived safely and his mother is recovering nicely. His brothers, Timothy and Zachary, were elated to have a younger brother. It looks like he will stand his own ground in the family. We are so blessed and quite thankful that Veronica and Caden are here--and very happy for the Monsour and Marshall Families.