Notes from the Ohio Trip, Part 2

We--The Sisters--have been extremely busy lately. It has just been in and out, and then in and out. Hence, there have been few posts as our time has not been our own. I believe we left you last when we were in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Our schedule kept up its busy pace the rest of the Ohio Tour. Monday-Friday, August 31-September 4: We finished up the meeting with Pastor James Spencer and the Peoples Baptist Church in Mansfield, Ohio on a good note. They were a great group of people to minister to, and we enjoyed the preaching from Bro. Tim Booth, Bro. Randy Taylor, Sr., and Bro. Randy Taylor, Jr. There was a big teen emphasis on Friday evening with split sessions. We did a lot of eating this week, (although for a few of us, this didn't seem to have much of an effect), and a lot of fellowshipping. We also got out a bit to see some of the surrounding area and to get some exercise. One of the ways we did this was to rent bikes at the hotel and ride for several hours. Talk about being sore the next day--we were pretty stiff. But it was greatly needed as we get a little too much sitting in the car than is good for us while traveling. Sunday, September 6: We arrived at the First Baptist Church in McDonald, Ohio, Saturday afternoon. The pastor met us at the church to set up some mics, and then took us to eat at his home before we headed to the hotel. We know Bro. Mike Setser from many years ago...his dad, Ron Setser, has pastored for years in Florida and we have been with him quite a few times. Bro. Mike and his wife fed us a good meal and we caught up on the news with the Setser family. We sang all day on Sunday and received a good reception from the church members. Monday-Tuesday, September 7-8: We had a few days that were open on the schedule. As it was, our travels were taking us back and forth across the north of Ohio, and we knew several people in various areas where we could stay, if need be. We finally decided to stay in Dalton, Ohio, with the Dave Warner family. (They were related to Pastor Dave Greegor at the Dalton Bapt. Ch.) Mr. & Mrs. Warner certainly made us feel at home. We were quite thankful, especially since we had not given them much of a heads-up about our arrival. Pastor & Mrs. Dave Greegor, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Roach (Mrs. Greegor's parents) fed us, as! I think they were trying to put some extra weight on us. They certainly spoiled us those few days! Even Dave Greegor, Jr., let us ride his horse, Trigger, for a short time on Tuesday. (And now Joanna is talking about having a rodeo someday...not sure where that came from!) We were extremely grateful to the whole clan for their kindnesses to us. We were able to get some work done, as well. Wednesday-Friday, September 9-11: We sang and gave testimonies Wednesday evening at the Mt. Vernon Baptist Temple in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Our time was short with the church here, but we were able to go out the following evening to pass out tracts. Pastor Bill Fennell allowed us to stay a couple extra nights in the hotel. We were able to catch up on some business stuff and do some practicing. And that, my friends, is always a blessing. Sunday, September 13: On Saturday, we met up with Dad & Mom in North Canton, Ohio. We had been away from them for a few weeks, and it was great to see them again. They are looking well. I think they enjoy being by themselves at home sometimes. They have been keeping busy and helping in our church back home--that is, when they are home. Pastor & Mrs. Bob Butterfield took us to get something to eat before we worked on the sound system at church. We sang all day on Sunday and Dad preached in the afternoon service. They served a delicious meal in between services. The church seems to be doing well and the building is beautiful. We always enjoy our time with the Open Door Bapt. Ch. We then began gearing up for the meeting this coming week. Sharon, Jonathan, & Matthew were coming to join us at a tent meeting. It was going to be busy...but a blast to get together again.