Dad & Mom's Doings

The Fall has been just as busy for Dad and Mom as it has been for the rest of us. They hosted several families who dropped by for a visit. One family was the Chad Wells family from Treasure Valley Baptist in Meridian, Idaho. (The same church that Brad & Deborah Wells are based out of...Chad is Brad's younger brother.) They stayed for about a week and were a great help. Chad and his boys finished the roof on Dad's shed, and Kirsten, Chad's wife, was a big help to Mom in the kitchen. We were thankful that Dad & Mom had someone around to help while we were gone. As well, the Pat Cassidy family stopped by the same week. It sounded like a very busy time for one and all, but a lot of fun, too. We had a young couple, Matt & Stacie Street, over for dinner one evening about a month ago. They have both been in the military and it was Dad's desire to team up with them to have more of an outreach at Camp Dawson. As most of you know, Dad has had a burden to reach the military that come in and out of the camp throughout the year. Please pray for him to be able to make some contacts and see more soldiers saved. There is a tremendous need to reach the military in these uncertain times. Mom has been working with the teen girls in our church. She has a special activity for them nearly every week. They do something fun, eat snacks, and have a Bible study. She is relentless in her efforts to encourage the girls to come and the girls seem to respond well to her wisdom. She led one of the girls to the Lord at VBS this year, and has been going to her home to disciple her. Please pray for Logan to be drawn closer to the Lord and become strong in her faith. The need is great for the Word of God to reach into the homes in this area and change lives. Many families are hurting because they do not know the Lord and do not allow Him to take control in their home and change them. Pray for Dad & Mom as they try to make a difference for God here in Preston County.