Northeastern Tour, Continued

Wednesday, October 7: What a busy day of traveling through Boston! We had a bit of a rough time finding the entrance to the church and went around the block a few times. That was quite the adventure. I'm not sure where we were expecting the church to be, but it certainly was in a busier area than we expected. They own quite a large building that used to house a Mystic Congregational church. The New England Baptist Church in Medford, MA, seems to be going strong. Pastor Thomas Michael & his family moved here in the late '70s, and thirty years later, they are seeing the fruits of their labors. This church was one of the first to be established in the New England area in recent years and has been a lighthouse for many. We were able to rest a bit and make preparations before this evening's service. There was a good group out and many stayed to fellowship for some time after the service. Pastor Michael brought a short message on music and we sang a good bit. The next morning, we sang for an early chapel for the school, and then walked to the corner for some Dunkin' Donuts. (Amen!) Pastor Michael led us downtown where we could see some of the sights of Boston--including the spot where D.L. Moody was saved. We continued to do a bit of touring on the Freedom Trail after Pastor Michael saw that we were safely parked. We had been to the area many years ago, but it was still nice to see some of the old churches and points of interest in the city. Thursday, October 8: Pastor Keith Main met us at the church (next door to the parsonage) when we arrived this afternoon in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and we set up some mics and such. We weren't quite coherent today, so we had to take a little snooze at the parsonage before the service. Mrs. Main prepared a great meal and we enjoyed some time with the Main family and their dogs. (One of them, Rowdy, seemed to like Monica and I especially--he kept coming back for more popcorn when we ate a snack...) Many visitors were in attendance tonight at Galilean Baptist. We sang and gave testimonies. Bro. Main brought a short but encouraging message. We had a time of fellowship and snacks with the Mains afterwards and the accommodations were such a blessing this evening. Friday-Sunday, October 9-11: The next morning it was time to get started on our 6-7 hour trip to Smyrna, Delaware. We made it with little to no trouble and met up with our good friend, Jesse Kragiel. He was taking responsibility for the church sound system...and trying to make us sound better than we actually are. Bro. Jesse is a phenomenal pianist and a hambone, and...well, that's about all I can say! (Sorry, Bro. Jesse...) At any rate, we had to hurry and get ready for the Ladies Meeting going on the next two days...and which was starting tonight. The services lasted quite a while, but we enjoyed the skits and songs and fun. We sang later in the program and the Lord moved on hearts. After a time of refreshment, we headed to the trailer where we were to stay this weekend. We felt as if we were going back in time. The memories seem to be so far away now, but we fondly remember the "old trailer days". Saturday the Ladies Meeting continued. There was another wonderful service, and the delicious meal that followed topped many a meal that I've had at many Ladies meetings in the past. The men cooked and served, there were lovely tea cups for one and all, and desserts that were out of this world. There was a split session during which we sang. (Hard to sing after such a meal...) Sunday morning services were lively and the building was packed out. We had a great time with Pastor Alan Ryman and the people of Faith Baptist. (I don't think we'll be able to forgive Bro. Jesse for messing with Monica's mic, though...ahem.) Bro. Jesse took us out to eat and we spent some time with him and another friend of the family, James Dalton, Jr. & his wife. The services were a blessing that night, as well. After some fellowship and pizza at a great restaurant, we headed back to the church...only to find that the heat in the trailer would not cooperate. Pastor Ryman's son and his family graciously allowed us to stay in their house nearby. was home again! We were very grateful for all the love shown to us by God's people on our "Northeastern Tour". It is a privilege to serve the Lord and His people as we travel here and there.